NewsFrom 23 to 26 September

Art Basel

Art Basel

Booth H7 Hall 2.0 Messeplatz Bâle, Suisse

What a joy it will be to finally see you again at Art Basel, an event we have attended without fail for fifty years! We thank you for your loyalty, and hope that despite the difficulties of recent times the pleasure of meeting up and talking about art will once again be a happy moment to be shared.

This year we present works by Auguste Herbin (1882–1960), Victor Vasarely (1906–1997), Jean Dewasne (1921–1999), and, for our contemporary section, a group of works by Jean-François Dubreuil and Hans-Jörg Glattfelder, among others.

Current exhibitionFrom 16 September to 30 October

"Converging Geometries" Part 2

Nicholas Bodde, Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon, Antoine Perrot, Henri Prosi, Sigurd Rompza, Moon-Pil Shim

We offer you the opportunity to discover the second installment of our trilogy of exhibitions titled "Converging Geometries," which features six other contemporary artists from our gallery. The works selected were produced at different periods in the artists’ careers. The works interact, connect with each other, and, in their own ways, play with aspects of geometry and color.

NewsFrom 9 to 12 September

Art Paris Art Fair

Art Paris Art Fair

Booth D12 Grand Palais éphémère, Champs de Mars

At last! We will be very pleased to see you again at Art Paris, which is being held for the first time at the Grand Palais Éphémère on the Champs de Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

This year we will be placing the focus on our contemporary artists, including Jean-François Dubreuil, Nicholas Bodde, Henri Prosi, and Antoine Perrot, based around one of the gallery’s leading artists: Jean Dewasne (1921–1999).

Past exhibitionFrom 6 February to 9 July

Surpassing, Reconstructing the Real- Extention

Surpassing, Reconstructing the Real- Extention

F. Del Marle, G. Folmer, J. Gorin

What strikes us first is that Félix Del Marle (1889–1952), Georges Folmer (1895–1977), and Jean Gorin (1899–1981) all started out as figurative painters. Curiously, some artists return to representational subjects after a period of abstraction, as did Malevich, Hélion, and Herbin. In this way, Del Marle went back to representational painting between 1930 and 1940, while Folmer continued in this vein until 1943, reverting back to it from time to time until 1960. Gorin abandoned it altogether in 1926.

Past exhibitionFrom 15 October 2020 to 30 January

Converging geometries - Extension

Converging geometries - Extension

Bauduin, Ode Bertrand, Jean-François Dubreuil, Renaud Jacquier Stajnowicz, Claude Pasquer, Denis Pondruel

In this series of three exhibitions we invite you to discover, or rediscover, the gallery’s contemporary artists. They present the work of sixteen of the artists we represent, who honor us with their friendship and their loyalty, the majority for more than thirty years. With conviction and talent, these artists defend a movement that has become the DNA of the gallery: "geometric abstraction." These exhibitions highlight the richness of geometric abstraction—its coherence, its diversity, and its pertinence. With these three group shows, we thought it would be interesting to offer an overview of the artists’ work from different periods and to observe the ways in which the trajectories and the viewpoints of these artists converge and interact with one another. There are fortuitous mysteries and alchemies to be found in abstraction, geometry, and color. Our artists give us some pointers in this direction and open up other avenues, to our great delight.