Sigurd Rompza

Institut Aktuelle Kunst im Saarland

ActualitéDu 31 mars au 28 mai

Who watches what and how, are one of the many questions that punctuate the work of Sigurd Rompza. His wall objects catch the light differently, depending on their inclination, so the color also changes as it is evenly applied, blue getting lighter and black darker depending on their exposure to light.
Sigurd Rompza is honored in an exhibition at the institute for contemporary art in Saarlouis until May 28.

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Farb-licht-modulierung 2008-55

Farb-licht-modulierung 2008-55

Acrylique sur bois
15 x 45 x 3 cm

Sigurd Rompza. Institut Aktuelle Kunst im Saarland